• Ein and Rosalind Lovelace

    Ein and Rosalind Lovelace

    Cricket's parents. Insectrists at Sprucetuck who study ways to use insects to transform agriculture.
  • Halfmad Healer Helga

    Halfmad Healer Helga

    Served as a nurse in the war. Always coming up with new treatments that terrified her victims, but were largely effective. Loud energetic personality. Met Cricket during the war.
  • Harris Underwood

    Harris Underwood

    Weasel strategist who created the ploy to dig under the scent border. Clashed heads with Cricket several times; Sherlock-Moriarty relationship.
  • Jaime


    Teacher who recognized Cricket's talents and pushed him into group settings where he had to share them. Jaime is a retired general who spends his days life-coaching younger mice.
  • Teller


    Librarian / archivist from Lockhaven who yearns for the 'Good Old Days'. Called Teller for penchant for telling stories.